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  • Home is where your story begins. Familie: miteinander verwandte Personen, die manchmal gewaltig nerven; Menschen, die man für kein Geld der Welt hergeben würde.

    Alle Sprüche auf dieser Webseite sind von irgendwo geklaut!

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    Family. A link to the past, a bridge to the future...

More About Us

Our Latest Activities.

This is a little excerpt of our wonderful family activities. We hope you enjoy the pictures and send us an email!

Rummage Table.

Here is what we did together as a family in 2015, some jokes and other stuff

Italy - Lago di Garda.

It was an awesome trip to Italy!


Mama, Mama i hab unser Scher gfressa - Die zahlsch fei du selber!


One of us is a very good photographer. Find out yourself who it is!


Music is a passion we all have in common.

Web Design.

We're not really good at web design. This is why our homepage looks so bad. Can you help us?


Kommt ein Kaufmann zum Notar, um sein Testament zu machen. Er legt fest, daß man ihn nach seinem Tod verbrennen möge. "Und was soll mit der Asche geschehen?" fragt der Notar nach. Antwortet der Kaufmann bitter: “Die Asche schicken sie dem Finanzamt. In einer schönen Urne mit der Aufschrift 'Jetzt habt Ihr wirklich ALLES von mir!”

Who Are We.

We are a really crazy family! We don't have much in common except from this web page!

Our Hobbies.

Actually we think this is no good place to talk about hobbies. Thats why we're leaving this blank.

Our Approach.

Our approach is very unique! In our every-day life, love and peace are very important! Apart from that: "Arbata, Arbata, Arbata"

Our Goal.

Owning the greatest yacht and motorcycle in the world!!!

Our Mission.

Conquer the world as soon as possible.

Get In Touch With Us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Send Mail to info@baldaufweb.de